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I HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE working with video and animation both within the broadcast industry and with web technologies. You can view the About section for more details and my CV.

The systems I am professionally experienced with are non-linear editing systems such as Avid, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. (I am also highly experienced with Quad, C-Format, Beta SP, Digi-Beta, Panasonic D1, D2, D3 and D5 if anybody is familiar with these formats).

I use HD video cameras to shoot with but I can also use client-supplied footage to produce video sequences for different applications and requirements whether this is web, broadcast, DVD/CD-ROM (do people still use them?), external flash media or social media profiles. I can generate most aspects of video, animation, graphics, typography and audio elements for inclusion within client projects.

IT CAN BE DONE WITH FUN. Both 2D and 3D interactive animation is a skill I can provide for your project requirements, whether this is animation for a website, video production, social media or presentation. These can be rendered as either HTML content or video. Different applications will require different process methods and constraints. A discussion will always determine the ideal process and method.

Interactive elements for websites, presentations and CD-ROM/flash media applications are a service I can provide. This may be as simple as a website banner or button that reacts to a touch or mouse click or a fully interactive presentation.

Typical projects I have produced for these are fully interactive CD-ROMs that include video, animation, music, text and imagery for museum exhibitions that act as an educational outreach resource for schools.

PRESENTATIONS & INFOGRAPHICS can be a mute point in this day and age. Powerpoint has empowered the general public with the skills to produce presentations, which is actually a very good thing. The main problem with this however is that the individual that has created the presentation may be a specialist in their field with extensive subject knowledge, yet is let down by their own visual style and implementation of the presentation.

I can create your presentations from your own informational content and make it visually more improved with design, interactive elements and animation in order to be the envy of your rival. I can also output these in a number of different formats as a Powerpoint,, online web content, flash-media web content or video for web and large screens. There are a number of different ways in which a presentation can be made, discussing the intended outcome will help determine the most appropriate method.

All presentations and infographics can be anything from static imagery or highly complex interactive animation for digital screens, informtion kiosks, websites, social media or bog-standard Powerpoint (or similar). If it has a display it can be done with fun!

Don't Play With Matches

What fun, playing with matches to make models, well… this is strictly only within a 3D environment.

Kids don’t play with matches - it’s bad - unless they are inert modelling matches provided by an adult.

Scarbhorror - The Westwood Ghost

I used to teach at the Westwood College Campus for many years (with a number of departmental moves to and fro between the college main site over time).

It was always known that the top floor of Westwood had a ghost of an old school master from when it was the Scarborough Boy’s High School many years ago…

A5B0 The Bad Droid Incidents

When A5B0 the anti-social droid gets up to no good at the expense of others. Take a look at these videos I've created in 3D software. Keep checking back I will add more soon (because I find them fun to create).

The Pirate Ship Mistry for Escape Room Scarborough

The Pirate Ship Mistry is a social media promotional animation sequence for Escape Room Scarborough. The sequence incorporates graphics, illustration, 2D animation, 3D design and animation all brought together to promote a forthcoming pirate adventure game. High drama on the high seas! Get in touch if you would like something like this.

I Love Ice Cream!

It's quite simple really, I love ice cream, so it would make sense to have some 3D ice creams on show. I made these as they don't melt on a Summer day. Being 3D models you can double up on your serving as they have zero calories.

Ice Cream Darts!

No speedboat to win in this 3D animation, however the pure athleticism of darts can be seen with the perfect finish. Ice Cream and animation Made In Scarborough (because it is the seaside).

Madame Gazunda for Escape Room Scarborough

I've included this here because I quite like it as it consists of many different elements, vector, 3D animation & Image Manipulation. I created it for Escape Room Scarborough to promote their new game room on social media.

RC Dad

A 2D animation that I illustrated and created for my daughters to remind them that I support everything they do and am very proud of them whether they fail or succeed at something. Instilling the notion that having a go at something, trying your best and supporting others is success, whereas avoidance through fear of failure is failure in itself. Scores and medals are nice but not the most important or driving factor.

Pumpkin Power!

A fun animation I created with 2D illustration and 3D modelling. These elements have then been combined with audio and effects to produce a simple yet important message for October 31st.

Beware contains vampires.

The Origins of Hairy Bob's Cave

After much debate, speculation and assumption I solved the mystery surrounding the origins of Hairy Bob's Cave. After much research and cross referencing of historical texts I managed to visualise the events with illustration and animation. Further to this, historical evidence proves that dinosaurs and cave people co-existed.

Yorkshire Lightsabres

After watching much television as a kid, I was exposed regularly to the Sunday afternoon local/regional adverts on Yorkshire Television (known as YTV then) during Terrahawks, Wurzel Gummidge and Supergran. One advert that stood out to me and everyone else was Shackleton's High Seat Chairs. I decided for pure self-amusement to make some 3D models and animate them to make an old YTV style advert.

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