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Animation, Video & Presentations

I have extensive experience working with video and animation both within the broadcast industry and with web technologies. The systems I am experienced with are non-linear editing systems such as Avid, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. I do not shoot video, but can use client-supplied footage to produce video sequences for different applications and requirements whether this is web, broadcast, CD-ROM (do people still use them?), external flash media or social media profiles. I can generate most aspects of animation, graphics, typography and audio elements for client projects.

Both 2D and 3D animation is a skill I can provide for your project requirements, whether this is animation for a website, video production, social media or presentation. These can be rendered as either HTML content or video. Different applications will require different process methods and constraints. A discussion will always determine the ideal process and method.

Interactive elements for websites, presentations and CD-ROM/flash media applications are a service I can provide. This may be as simple as a website banner or button that reacts to a touch or mouse click or a fully interactive presentation.

Typical projects I have produced for these are fully interactive CD-ROMs that include video, animation, music, text and imagery for museum exhibitions that act as an educational outreach resource for schools.

Presentations can be a mute point in this day and age. Powerpoint has empowered the general public with the skills to produce presentations, which is actually a very good thing. The main problem with this however is that the individual that has created the presentation may be a specialist in their field with extensive subject knowledge, yet is let down by their own visual style and implementation of the presentation.
I can create your presentations from your own informational content and make it visually more improved with design, interactive elements and animation in order to be the envy of your rival. I can also output these in a number of different formats as a Powerpoint,, online web content, flash-media web content or video for web and large screens. There are a number of different ways in which a presentation can be made, discussing the intended outcome will help determine the most appropriate method.

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