Concept Art and Design

Graphics, Illustration, 3D & Animation for:
Architecture and planning approval, product design, object design and creation, virtual environment walkthroughs.

Concept Art is simply the means and ability of being able to convey an idea through visualisation to aid the development towards a final outcome such as a product, building or environment.

The process generally starts with initial 2D sketches to provide a preliminary design. From this a 3D object can be modelled in software, which is then textured with graphics to provide multiple viewpoints and variations of colours.

Likewise products and objects can be visualised using concept art to provide designs and ideas to help potential investors gain a clear understanding of an idea. Concept Design helps translate an idea into a virtual product in order to gain approval.

Objects can be anything from furniture, kitchenware, signage, office layouts, historical recreation in fact Concept Art can be designed for any purpose where the final outcome does not yet exist or needs to be recreated.

Concept Art and designs as animated content provides the perfect basis to demonstrate buildings and architecture as either still images, stages of development animations or walkthroughs of a virtual environment to provide an audience with a better understanding of what to expect with an intended or proposed idea.

Want to see what a proposed change to a building will look like? Then an animated concept design will provide a solution to that proposal. Maybe the doubters will actually begin to think the proposal it is actually a good idea and feel less inclined to object to the planning permission!

3D modelling and animation can be made to look Photo Realistic to give an accurate interpretation of the intended outcome. Likewise it can be an effective method of providing imagery of objects that are difficult to photograph due to their reflective nature.

It doesn't have to be all 3D, Digital Illustration such as the van decals below can provide a fun and interesting style of concept design. Likewise a more traditional style of illustration can also provide a form of nostalgic feel.