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Website Design

I build and design mobile responsive websites using web compliant HTML. I do not host or maintain websites as this is an aspect unnecessary for the work I produce. The websites I build do not require regular maintenance as they do not use Content Management Systems (CMS) that require regular updates and service. In the worst case scenario of a server failing the original website files can be re-uploaded within a few minutes, although the need for this would be extremely rare.

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Instead I charge only for the time required for the design, build and application to the web. I prefer to use a client’s own webspace/hosting package as this leaves the client in full control of their registered domain name and website.

This means a client is able use their existing webspace/hosting or can register a new web-hosting package from a recommended provider. This is an inexpensive option with a typical cost of £30 per year. I can advise or implement this for a client.

I only charge an hourly rate for the work produced. This enables the client to freely move to another web designer in the future should they wish to for future updates and changes. By using standard HTML a clients website can be modified easily by another web designer if required..

Web services I provide are:

  • Full design and graphics for every aspect of your website, such as image manipulation, logo and identity design, animation, video content.

  • Mobile responsive design, this means your website will display appropriately on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

  • Animated content that works on mobile, tablet and desktop screens. This can be imagery, typography or any other aspect.

  • Online store and payment facilities.

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I can produce websites using a Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla or Wordpress if preferred, but this is only necessary if the unique features of these systems are actually required. This can be determined with a discussion of the intended outcomes. In instances where the CMS features of Joomla or Wordpress are required (such as a blog or newsfeed) only this component will be used on a page within the website I build. This provides reassurance that your whole website will not 'go down' if it is not regularly updated for all the 'whizzy' features (which can be done with standard HTML) and save the expense of a monthly or yearly cost for this update service.

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