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I build and design mobile responsive websites using web compliant HTML. I do not host or maintain websites as this is an aspect unnecessary for the work I produce. The websites I build do not require regular maintenance therefore the need for monthly subscription support packages are unnecessary. In the worst case scenario of a server going down by the web hosting company. I can upload to a new host server. This is rare and I have never had to do this.

I only charge for the website development process. This enables the customer to freely move to another web designer in the future should they wish to for future updates and changes. There are no service contracts to sign, this is something I’m not keen on, I don’t want to lock a customer in to me, you never know I might leave all this business and join a commune, so I would rather the customer retains all the ‘keys to the castle’ should this or something similar happen.

Wordpress? Sorry it’s a no from me

Although Wordpress is super-easy and super-quick to build a website and has enabled people with little design and web experience to build their own website, (which is a good thing), it does unfortunately possess many limitations. It requires regular maintenance due to the the self-updating plugin architecture it uses for features and does not support a number of web standard file formats. It is great for a blog, a stylised block image and block text website, but for something quite special with interactive features and true animation Wordpress is unfortunately out of its depth. If you really really want a Wordpress website or I think you are better suited for a Wordpress site I know of some really nice people who I can recommend to you.

I mention this because I have been asked a number of times by people to build a Wordpress website. They are usually unsure why they want Wordpress, it is mainly because they have heard about it so think it is the only way to build a website. I have built a ton of Wordpress websites in the past, but sometimes you just have to let go…

ZURB Foundation! It's a yes from me

The website framework I use is based on ZURB Foundation (you can find out more about it here) it is a rock solid web architecture used by large organisations such as Disney, Macy’s, Samsung, Adobe, Pixar, National Geographic, Ford to name a few. This framework supports all of the interactive features required for modern websites and does not require maintenance. Once it is built it will keep working the same way it did on the first day. So in short you don’t need a monthly maintenance plan with me.

Would you like a Cheeseburger?

I’m more interested in building websites that provide content in a highly stylised manner with freedom to have exactly what you want on screen, where you want it on the screen and doing something interesting. The interactive elements I can add are pretty limitless, you can more or less have what you want, this includes animation, video, 3D, illustration, graphics, sound and more importantly choices on screen that lead to exciting outcomes. How about building your own gourmet burger on screen? Or taking a mystery tour around a building? Or simply wondering what is in the box? (It worked great for Deal or No Deal). All of this with bespoke animation, graphics, sound and options to direct what is going on.

I have no hidden costs, contracts to sign or recurring maintenance subscriptions. I only charge for the time I spend developing the project I am more interested in working with nice people and pursuing interesting and challenging project ideas than the financial incentive.

Web services I provide are:

  • Full design and graphics for every aspect of your website, such as image manipulation, logo and identity design, animation, video content.

  • Mobile responsive design, this means your website will display appropriately on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

  • Animated content that works on mobile, tablet and desktop screens. This can be imagery, typography or any other aspect.

  • Embedding of online store and payment facilities or booking systems.

I relish the prospect of building websites for people that say “my business isn’t very interesting…” Now I really like those type of customers, it is the challenge of making something quirky, interesting and a standout for something perceived as being a bit… you know. If you fall in to any of these categories give me a call.


I am a partner in The Pink Dog Creative Ltd. I am teamed up with a super-doopah creative content, copy writer and proofreader Karen (who also has operates as Noble Words) and Karen has a Master’s Degree (MA) with Distinction, which is very fancy. The partnership of The Pink Dog enables us to produce complete solutions including websites. These can be big, medium or small websites, but are the whole package from beginning to end with content writing and highly visual graphics and presentation.

Visit the About Page to find out more about The Pink Dog

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